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Play it like a king in Versailles

© Sophie Louisnard for Pexels

Versailles is undoubtedly one of France’s crown jewel; the shining gem of a long gone past. Once home to the kings and queens of France, the Château is seen to some as the most extravagant and beautiful palace in the whole of Europe. A breathtaking and spectacular architecture, with marvelous, perfectly maintained green gardens that create a one-of-a-kind atmosphere… Year after year, Versailles attracts around 8 million visitors, ever so fascinated by its beauty and splendor. During the Olympic Games Paris 2024, it will host the equestrian events in its iconic gardens.

Originally a small summer palace, the Château de Versailles rose to significance when King Louis XIV decided to adapt the structure an old royal hunting lodge. And my, did he dream big! He turned that small spot into an architectural masterpiece of more the 64,000 square meters with over 3,000 rooms. For just over a century, Versailles was the center of diplomatic activity throughout Europe, entertaining emperors, kings and queens with sumptuous banquets and distinguished events. One can only imagine how they were all dazzled by the opulence and grandeur of Versailles.

The French kings were keen sportsmen, practicing various sports on the royal grounds. The royal family and courtiers enjoyed jousting performances and carousels, sled races, and various skillful games such as pall-mall, a precursor to golf and croquet, or real tennis – a true French passion that gave rise to modern tennis.

The Palace of Versailles will further bolster its sporting reputation during the Olympic Games Paris 2024 by hosting the dressage, jumping events, and the equestrian competition event in the modern pentathlon. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover Versailles under a new light.

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Newfound hospitality experiences in Versailles

Whether you are keen on equestrian sports or just want to enjoy Olympic Games events in Versailles, you could enhance your stay with what our incredible hospitality experiences have to offer: attend the sessions from the very first row with premium comfort.

And why not make the most out of our excursions after the session to discover to the hidden secrets of the Château? Enjoy the unique magnificence of the Hall of Mirrors, stroll the corridors like Louis XIV, or picture yourself as a queen for just a moment when exploring Le Petit Trianon – Queen Marie Antoinette’s private shelter. Discoveries are endless in Versailles – play it like a king and book your hospitality experience now!

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