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A Runner’s Playground!

© Paris je t’aime

Climb historic steps, hop across ancient cobblestones and jog the banks of the River Seine on your next running adventure.

Paris is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for its history, architecture, and art. Recently, the French Capital has made great strides to improve its liveability, closing roads for pedestrian-only traffic, planting trees, and creating spaces for people rather than cars. Today’s Paris is made to explore by foot. The 2022 Paris Marathon, one of the most picturesque races in Europe, attracted more than 55,000 participants. Discover what you’ve been missing. Join fellow running enthusiasts and jog along the picturesque streets of Paris, crisscrossing unforgettable neighborhoods, zigzagging around incredible monuments, and unlocking a different side of the French capital with an epic run.

The Top 5 Runs in Paris

We’ve selected the best routes that blend distance, physical challenge, and Paris’s incredible views. Check them out here: