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Elevate Your Time at Paris 2024 with World-Class Service and Activities

Available online for the first time in history, official Paris 2024 Travel Packages make it easy for you to enjoy the thrill of the Olympic Games and the wonder of Paris like never before. Your Olympic Games adventure comes with guaranteed tickets to the sport events of your choice and accommodation in Paris, plus world-class hospitality and options for custom tours and activities to immerse you in French culture, food, shopping, and more.*

With a wide range of options for every budget and need, you can make the most of every moment in the City of Light. Let us do all the planning!

*Depending on Travel Package.

Tailor-made travel solutions for every need

Our wide range of official Travel Packages has been created to suit every need—from shorter stays (Discover 2024 Package) to longer ones (Explore 2024 Package). All include guaranteed tickets to sport events (categories A to D) and come with multiple possibilities for add-on services and elevated hospitality options.

Immerse yourself in the local culture with custom tours and activities to suit your taste, whether you prefer the cultural treasures of Paris, a gastronomic exploration of French food and wine, family activities, or the trendier side of things, there is something for everyone.

Our Travel Packages are the perfect way for you to share unforgettable memories of the Olympic and Paralympic Games with those who matter most.

Packages could include


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